New Small Powerful Lint Remover

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    Are you tired of lint, dandruff or fuzz being stuck on your clothes!? Or are you tired of buying lint rollers that don't work or that don't completely remove all the lint, dandruff or fuzz from your clothes? Well your in luck! This Compact New lint remover can remove all the lint, fuzz and all the unwanted dandruff from your clothing! Its made of ABS and designed with sharp stainless blades. The stainless blades help collect and remove all the unwanted dandruff. The ergonomic design and all the protection features keep your hands safe and completely eliminates the chance of exposure to the blades. The lint slot is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. This lint remover is a must have! 

Lint Remover Lint Roller

          • With powerful stainless steel shaving blades. This lint remover has double protection and adjustable height separation to prevent any kind of exposure to your hands.
            This lint remover has an ergonomic design allowing you to have a more comfortable grip to help remove lint and unwanted clutter.
          • Being made of ABS and the ergonomic design, the lint remover now gives you the ability to easily carry it in your pocket or backpack. 
          • The catch net will not hurt you or your clothing, it only hurts the lint and other unwanted stuff on clothing. Leaves nothing behind. 
          • This lint remover can be applied to sweaters, shirts, woolen coats, fabrics, really any other kind of clothing or cloth. 
          • This lint remover requires no charge or battery and is very convenient and easy to use.


          lint remover lint roller

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